7 Pinterest Tips to Rock Your Ecommerce Sales

Pinning for profit? Yes, it’s possible, and it’s something you should start doing for your business today! Research says Pinterest users are serious shoppers. In fact, they tend to spend $123.50 vs. Facebook’s $54.64. With a stat as intriguing as that, it’s pretty clear that establishing a strong presence on Pinterest could certainly be worth your time. Of course, not every business will do well on Pinterest… To find out if this site is right for yours, you can check out this post on choosing the social media platform that’s best for you.

Ready to learn more? These Pinterest tips will have you rocking your sales.

There’s a rumour that a ‘buy’ button will come to Pinterest later this year. That means users will be able to buy your products right from within the app on mobile devices. Still, until then, this popular social media site remains a great way to showcase what you have to offer and to entice shoppers to click-through to your online store to make a purchase.

  1. Use a Business Account Rather Than a Personal Account

If you’re already using a personal account, you can log out and go to the Pinterest Home Login Page and click ‘Convert Now’. As a business account, you have access to Pinterest Analytics and the opportunity to create Product Pins.

The first is important so you can see which pins are getting the most attention. The second is important because these highlight specific products with pricing and where to get it. Your pinners can even be alerted if you put the product on sale.

  1. Create Thematic Boards

Creating themed boards helps potential customers easily find what they’re looking for. If you sell jewellery, it makes sense to group your earrings together on one board and necklaces on another. If you have jewellery sets, you can have a board for ‘Jewellery Sets’. If your products lend themselves to it, you can create gift-related and seasonal boards too. ‘30 Gifts Under £30’ or ‘Mother’s Day Favourites’ for example.

  1. Use Captivating Images

Pinterest users love sharing (and saving) beautiful images. Spend time setting up your product shots so you get great images. High resolution, large images are better than small ones. Great images capture the imagination. They also do a lot of your selling for you. After all, your customer is buying something she can’t touch. Help her see the product the way you see it and you’ll increase your sales.

  1. Add Pricing

The right price can help your customer make an immediate decision about buying something. If your photo captures her attention and she can see the price right away, she is more likely to make a quick decision.

  1. Pin Often

Some business owners pin when they think about it, but that’s no way to build a business. Pin often and throughout the day/night. You can pin your own products, of course, but also pin ‘how to’s’ that relate to your products and repin others’ pins. This makes you part of the Pinterest community and others will take notice.

  1. Network with Others

Whether it’s famous people in your niche or other Pinterest users who sell complementary items, comment on their pins and repin as you feel moved. They’ll notice and return the favour, and utilise the feedback they give you to hone your strategy.

  1. Check your Pinterest Analytics

What trends do you see in your customers? What are your best sellers? Stocking (or creating) more of what your customers like will help you sell more in the long run.